Do it for those who can’t

I am healthy and capable of doing a lot with my life and I have come to learn that this is a privilege. I could have been born as anyone in any country of any color. I was born into the easiest life possible. A healthy white girl born into a country with more privileges than any other. It was actually predicted that I would have more struggles than ‘basic white girl problems’.

My mom has a disorder called Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy. This means her nerves are slowly dying off causing the amputation of her leg when she was 20. My aunts have the same disorder and also have at least one leg amputated at a young age. Little is known about this disorder and it was predicted that it would be passed on to their children but was fortunately not. Physical activity usually makes this disorder worse and nerves die off faster, meaning since my mom and aunts were young, they went from being very active to not at all in order to salvage their nerves and prevent further amputations. Many patients come into the emergency department at young ages with cancer, HIV, heart failure etc. They cannot live the average life that every young adult lives.

So I take a look at myself. I am honestly a very timid person and am particularly boring. Then I look at my mom and my aunts, they have so much life in them but cannot challenge it. This truly pisses me off. Many people, myself included, take advantage of being healthy. This is why I am extremely irked by people who pick up smoking, but we will save this for my next “What Grinds My Gears”. This year I decided to make a change. My goal is to open myself up to all of the possibilities in life. I want to travel and run marathons and take action in my community because I am capable. I want to do it for those who are not. I would also like to become involved in things where I can help. Ultimately I have learned the passion and incite that I have for life. I want to make a difference and see the world and influence those around me. So I have come up with a bucket list. I have no clue with my busy life style how long it will take me to accomplish these tasks but eventually I have full intentions of doing so.

Go Hunting and Fishing… I went hunting this November for Elk but did not get anything. I would like to some day get most of my resources from my own land.


Learn Spanish fluently… I took it in high school but only remember very little, “Puedo ir al bano?”, if that is even correct.

Travel to Latin America and volunteer… this doesn’t mean spring break in Cabo. Although Cabo could use some help right now.

Run a half marathon


Run a full marathon

Travel to Ireland, Africa, New Zealand, among many other countries.

Hike the Grand Canyon


Volunteer by supporting children who are terminally ill. You meet with the child frequently and are a friend and tutor and help them cope.

Support the troops- I am unsure of how I would like to do this but if I were to specialize in trauma perhaps that could link. I am interested with working with amputees as well.

For now this is all I have. Let me know if you have any ideas. All I can say is ask yourself about how privileged you are. Most people feel offended by this word but most of us in the US are privileged. The links provided below helped me be less offended and actually appreciate it. If you are privileged take advantage of it. Stand up for what you believe. Help those who need it. Be adventurous. Take charge of your life.

What really grinds my gears!

My father is one of my favorite people in the world. He always likes to say, “Do you know what irks me?” or “That really grinds my gears!”. Usually the issues are quite mild. Since I have grown up with these sayings, I find myself stating the same thing. I would like to post once in a while about things that really fucking grind my gears!! This week I would like to write about hipsters. Let me first start with stating, being a hipster based on the fact that everyone else are hipsters defeats the entire purpose. Hipsters tend to be about individuality. Going to school in an urban area means that most of the students are hipsters. The outfit of a hipster includes, jeans with holes usually rolled up, rugged shoes, layered t-shirt with a flannel and some kind of dirty jacket on top. The hair of the average hipster looks like Cameron Diaz in the movie “There’s Something About Mary”, when she uses Ben Stiller’s ejaculation as hair gel. When you ask a hipster is they are a hipster they will furiously say no. If you tell a hipster that they are a hipster they will politely tell you to fuck off. Anything that the majority of the population likes, a hipster automatically dislikes and this is mostly what irks me!!! I get a new pair of Nike shoes and they have to insinuate that they really do not like Nike. Then I am reminded how they were probably made by children from third world countries in sweat shops. What the hell!!! I bring to class a bowl of teriyaki chicken from my favorite food cart. It takes about 10 minutes for a hipster to bring up how that chicken was slaughtered in a factory farm and vegan is really the way to go. Not to forget that the rice isn’t gluten free. At this point I would rather hear the salt is going straight to my thighs. Being surrounded by hipsters makes me feel like the ultimate asshole.  In reality the fact that I am not a hipster at this school makes me a true hipster. Oh shit…did I really just propose that? I may slowly be turning. That is what grinds my gears!!

Attention: Please call me out if I make any sort of hipster type statement. Failure to do so could result in serious side effects an you too could turn.rs_560x415-131104124556-1024.theres-something-about-mary-hair-gel-diaz

Just a little procrastination

My professor just had us sign up on this website for a class. Our assignment was to sign up and send her the user name. I was then supposed to log off and start my Organic Chemistry pre-lab except for the fact that I am now fascinated with the concept of writing a blog. How great would it be to write a weekly blog to students like myself. It is interesting how a year ago I found myself stating “who blogs today with all of the other social media resources?”, but here I am. It is amazing the concepts that I come up with when I am avoiding the inevitable. For instance, before I began this blog, I had a entire list of what I will do for the rest of this term in order to get ahead.   In reality creating this list is another form of procrastination that is setting me back even further. For right now I am going to stop blogging and start my pre-lab. Perhaps in a week I will be back and have time to express all of the ideas and struggles that I have in life. Until then.